O2O From our Family to Yours

Olives are in our blood. The Hellenic civilization has cultivated and respected them since Ancient time.

We know the trees and what they need in every part of their cycles; when to prune, when to stop watering.

We understand the fruit and we know what to do to get the best quality oil, and of course the traditional way is free of chemicals.

"From olives to oil, from our family to yours."

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About O2O

O2O Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a small family run operation. The Corolis family emigrated to Australia from Greece in the early 1960's and have been cold pressing olives from their own groves in South Australia for almost 20 years.

With them they brought a wealth of experience - dating back over four generations - in the art of olive oil production. That same know-how equipped them to recognise the suitability of the South Australian climate for growing olives. With its hot, dry summer days and crisp nights mirroring that of the Mediterranean, it would provide ideal olive growing conditions.

The first grove in the Riverland region was established with the simple intention of supplying their family and friends with an organic product free of pesticides and chemicals. However the result has been an Australian extra virgin olive oil to rival any of the imports.

The enthusiastic response from family and associates who sampled the oil, was seeing more and more orders placed with every vintage. News ravelled by word of mouth on the strength of the oil quality. As the olive trees matured, each year the harvest improved - but it soon became obvious demand would outstrip supply.

Seven years ago O2O planted another grove in the Murray Valley - a boutique farming pocket which is renowned for its cheeses, oils and artisan produce. These trees are already fruiting well and even larger yields are anticipated as they mature.

Miranda Corolis, O2O's director and a fourth generation oil producer, is the delighted with the company's achievements. "We've created an outstanding oil that we are proud to serve at our table, or anybody else's."



O2O can bottle either Early or Late Harvest oils for your Bomboniere.

We can organise custom designed labels for special occasions like christenings and weddings, or just as a coproate thankyou present.

Contact us to find out more about our bomboniere options.

Late Harvest - 750ml - AUD$20

O2O Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a milder, sweeter oil which carries the more golden, buttery tones of the riper olives. It is a versatile style that won’t overpower delicate foods whilst still adding its distinct extra virgin pungency. Bulk Order - 18L or 20L are available by request.

Early Harvest - 750ml - AUD$20

2011 Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

O2O Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a robust, full-bodied olive oil that has a peppery yet fruity flavour. It partners well with red meat, with tuna and salmon or used in a vinaigrette dressing for salads.


Click here to make an order online.

O2O is a family owned business who specialises in a superior quality product. We therefore request a phone call if you wish to order in excess of 12 bottles of olive oil.

Orders of bonboniere will also require a phone call, so that we can discuss your requirements for your special occasion.